On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 03:27:19PM +0200, Gerald Friedland wrote:
> I do not quite understand your problems.  I am an aloof developer who
> has serious problems to understand user's problems. Please help me
> out, maybe I am misunderstanding something? So please do not get me
> wrong here.

> What one defines foreground or background is not a matter of the tool
> but a matter of the human being who is using the tool.
what is the purpose of a toggle that says "Background"?

this was my expectation.  i guess i would be an aloof user who refuses
to try any longer to understand where the developers minds are at when
they do things...

when i toggled it from Foreground to Background, my expectation was to
manage what was selected.  it seems sort of silly now that i write about
it.  my goal was to make the parts i wanted to select be what was

perhaps a lot of the confusion would disappear if the
background/foreground toggle disappeared.

as i have considered it since using the tool, it makes sense to me that
it makes no difference what is selected.

however, the tool option is there.

> I cut out the windows selecting them all with the lasso.
> See: http://www.gerald-friedland.de/tmp/multiwindow_sel.png
i honestly wrote this before looking at any of the urls.

bad form.  i will apologize if that is helpful.  i am still somewhat
stuck with the image in my mind of where the developers minds are


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