I estimate that I am about 15% finished on this task and that it will take me another two weeks to complete. Would this be sufficient for your scheduling needs?

At the end of this message is a sample change of the registration for the "3dTruchet.scm" script. I do not know if there is another way to provide the proper formatting (without the blurb being a single, long string on one line in the source) and so I have made the line-breaks "hard-coded". Where I have placed them may be dependent upon my GTK+ settings and therefore a different solution (including no line breaks in the source) may be preferable.

I have tried various approaches -- "\n" in the string, "\" at the end of the source line, et cetera -- all to no avail. If a suggestion is made on how to make SIOD handle this situation better, I probably possess the knowledge to generate a patch to the interpreter to affect it.

I would also wish to take this opportunity to make some modifications to the scripts (while still maintaining their previous behavior and PDB interface). As an example, for the 3dTruchet I would like to initially set the generated image to "clean". It seems unnecessary to prompt for "save" when closing an unmodified logo; the logo can easily be regenerated with the same values by re-running the script.

Also, for the 3dTruchet script I would like to move the globally defined functions (center-ellipse, use-tile, and create-tile) so that they are defined locally. This is very important so that there is no name-space conflicts between scripts.

Please let me know if I am on the right track.

The registration blurb for 3dTruchet script:

(script-fu-register "script-fu-3dtruchet"
                    _"3_D Truchet..."
_"This script generates a repeating pattern of
Truchet tiles (which are randomly oriented
quadrants of a circle). The arcs of the tiles
are given a 3-D effect using a gradient of
the specified colors. The resulting size of
the image is determined by a combination of
the tile size and the total number of tiles."
                    "Adrian Likins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>"
                    "Adrian Likins"
                    SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Block size"        '(64 5 1000 1 10 0 1)
                    SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Thickness"         '(12 2 100 1 10 0 1)
                    SF-COLOR      _"Background color"  '(255 255 255)
                    SF-COLOR      _"Start blend"       '(0 0 0)
                    SF-COLOR      _"End blend"         '(255 255 255)
                    SF-TOGGLE     _"Supersample"       TRUE
                    SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Number of X tiles" '(5 1 1000 1 10 0 1)
                    SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Number of Y tiles" '(5 1 1000 1 10 0 1))

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