On Sat, 2006-06-24 at 15:34 -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I estimate that I am about 15% finished on this task and that it will  
> take me another two weeks to complete. Would this be sufficient for  
> your scheduling needs?

That would be sufficient but I am afraid that you misunderstood the task
that I am asking you to do. You will see that the actual task is quite a
bit less work.

> The registration blurb for 3dTruchet script:

> _"This script generates a repeating pattern of
> Truchet tiles (which are randomly oriented
> quadrants of a circle). The arcs of the tiles
> are given a 3-D effect using a gradient of
> the specified colors. The resulting size of
> the image is determined by a combination of
> the tile size and the total number of tiles."

That's nice, but the task is to come up with a short string that must
fit into a single line and is oriented towards the user, not towards a
script programmer. The string will be visible in the status bar when
browsing the menus. Something like the following would be appropriate
for your example:

  "Generate a repeating pattern of Truchet tiles"

Please have a look at the plug-ins. We have done this there already and
the script-fu blurbs should match that style.


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