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The registration blurb for 3dTruchet script:
_"This script generates a repeating pattern of
Truchet tiles (which are randomly oriented
quadrants of a circle). The arcs of the tiles
are given a 3-D effect using a gradient of
the specified colors. The resulting size of
the image is determined by a combination of
the tile size and the total number of tiles."

That's nice, but the task is to come up with a short string that must
fit into a single line and is oriented towards the user, not towards a
script programmer. The string will be visible in the status bar when
browsing the menus. Something like the following would be appropriate
for your example:

  "Generate a repeating pattern of Truchet tiles"

Is there a particular need for these blurbs to be short one liners other than making things easier for the translaters? I don't think they should be shortened to the extent that information useful to users might get lost. The example above loses the fact that it is a repeating pattern of 3D Truchet files.

One option would be to move the longer blurbs in to the comments at the top of the script files to preserve any information in the blurbs which might be useful to users of the scripts (such as any restrictions for entered values).


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