Hi everyone,

to every mentor of our Summer of Code (GSoC) projects: please do not
forget to submit the mid-term evaluations for the Google Summer of Code.
They are due on July 5th, 2006.

To the students: if your mentor has requested any additional information
you didn't provide yet (project progress, planning, first milestones
etc), you should get in touch with him.

Please note that the SoC project work does *not* have to be half way
done, "mid-term" refers to the time, not the amount of work done - we
all know that software projects are half-way done when they're finished 90%.

There are links to the survey(s) you have to submit on the mentor home
page: http://code.google.com/soc/mentor_home.html

The evaluation is a multiple-choice questionnaire, so you don't have to
write a multi-page essay if you don't want to (you can add comments,
though). The most important question is about the mid-term payment
($2000) for the students - a "no" will deny the payment and disqualify
the student from GSoC entirely. You should probably get in touch with
other mentors if you think you have to do so - I hope no one does have
to consider this.

Just in case, the timetable for GSoC is available at

The finaly deadline is 21st August 2006, 15:00 UTC (08:00 PDT). So far,
all deadline have been extended slightly, but you shouldn't count on
this. The mid--term survey deadline has already been extended. The
evaluations would have been due tomorrow - if you didn't know this, it's
probably time to read the whole FAQ at

Google's main communications channel towards the SoC admins and mentors
is the group/list Summer-Administrators-2006, to be found at
It is recommended to be subscribed there.

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