Is there a roadmap or release planning for GIMP development?

I would like to know what GIMP developers are currently working on, and what new features and bug fixes are planned in what releases, and which releases are planned in the future.

I couldn't find a roadmap for GIMP development anywhere on or I found the page about the GIMP Developers Conference 2006:

According to that page, there are apparently some releases planned (2.4 and 2.99).

On the Wiki I found this:
But that's only a very short list of wishes, not really a planning with releases and target dates.

Two main issues that are of interest to me (and many other photographers) is when we can expect colour management (support for ICC profiles) and 16 bit per channel images. I found out that this will be implemented in the GEGL graphics library.

On the GEGL website ( I could not find any information about what the planning is to integrate this into the GIMP.

So, is there a roadmap for GIMP development somewhere or is this information only available in the heads of the most active GIMP developers?

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