Tim Jedlicka writes:
> On 7/2/06, Marco Ciampa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >Why not to bring all the GIMP windows up over all the others windows when
> >I clic on to one of the many GIMP windows?
> While in the image window - try a Shift-Tab (it may just be my window
> manager (gnome/gdm)), but this works well for me.

Doesn't work here in fvwm. It makes the Toolbox and dialogs
disappear; then another shift-tab brings them back, on top of
other windows. In neither case does it affect the stacking order
of any gimp image windows.

I wouldn't want to see a click on any window bring all the others
forward. That would be really annoying, since there are many reasons
for clicking in a window and most of them don't involve any of the
other windows that might be open.

But I agree it would be quite useful to have some way of bringing
all gimp windows to the front, ideally via a menu item (which could
then be bound to a keystroke). There are definitely times when I
would use and appreciate that.  (As a workaround, what I do is tell
my windowmanager to move whatever window is hiding gimp down to the
bottom of the stack.  I'm not sure all windowmanagers offer a way to
do that, though.)

If this gimp function was implemented, it would have to loop over
the image windows and bring each one forward ... in what order?
Order by last access time? Does gimp even keep information about
the last time at which each currently open image window was accessed?
I suppose it isn't that critical as long as the one most recently
accessed image window ends up on top along with the Toolbox and

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