The XCF file format is currently documented primarily by the Gimp
source, and by the very old and sketchy devel-docs/xcf.txt in the
source tree.

I have attempted to write a better specification, encouraged by Dave
Neary and partly based on my experiences writing a third-party XCF
reader (xcftools, at <>). It is at

I would like to contribute it as a replacement for xcf.txt, but I
would like it to be correct first. I would appreciate it if somebody
who are familiar with the format could look over my text and check it
for obvious mistakes.

Related to this: While researching the format I discovered a buffer
overrun somewhere in the XCF parsing code. Is there a recommended way
to report security bugs confidentially? (I asked on IRC and was
encouraged to just use the public bugzilla, but I'm uncomfortable by
following such advice gathered on a lazy IRC channel).

Henning Makholm                                    "*Vi vil ha wienerbrød!*"
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