On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 21:36 -0300, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:

> It is allright for me if you do not install then- but I had 
> complained. - At least count that.

IIRC, there hasn't been a comment in the respective bug report, but I
might be wrong.

> Actually we could think of then case by case. Almost all of then are 
> just clones of other plugin/scripts, buyt, py-slice, for example, has 
> only an equivalent in gimp-perl, and currently py-slice is far more 
> capable.
> Also, IRCC, some scripts dealing with palettes where implemented in 
> python, using some I had done as basis. These also provide unique 
> features.

Right, but as long as the scripts aren't internationalized and
localized, I am afraid we can't install them by default. So if we really
need them, someone should better look at doing that right now.

It would also be nice to give the pygimp UI an overhaul so that their
dialogs look more like the rest of the GIMP UI.


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