Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris writes:
> I am a heavy user of the push->move feature, and I know of other 
> people who are.
> There are 105 keys on the keyboard - and both features are a good 
> thing to have with push functionality.  I do not care if the move 
> push is changed to any other key, and space be left to pan. But I 
> care about loosing the current feature.

I also use this feature a lot. If there's a conflict with the
proposed panner, I'd love to see the key made configurable, because
then it would be at least somewhat discoverable (to those who go
through the Preferences window carefully). But in truth I don't care
very much which key activates the temporary move tool; I just hope
some key will, since the feature is so very useful.

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