just wanted to let you know that the deadline for the mid-term surveys
has been reached. Each GIMP mentor did submit the form.

While I'm writing this mail, Google is going to initiate another "push"
for the SoC system. This will remove the mentor's ability to edit the
surveys. Organizations admins (for GIMP: Dave (bolsh), Simon (nomis),
Bill (bill) and me (schumaml)) can still edit them, though.

Bill is on vacation right now, he did ask Simon and me to stand in. You
should forward any urgent mail you might have sent him regarding SoC, in
particular about the mid.term surveys, to one of us.

The next *very important* deadline is August 21st - all student work has
to be finished by this date.

The one afterwards is September 5th - deadline for the final evaluations
of students and mentors.

So, until Aug 21, SoC is a coding marathon... :)


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