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This was fixed in: http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/glib/glib/glib.symbols?r1=1.56&r2=1.57 which
means gimp is depending on glib-2.10 instead of glib-2.8.2 (on windows)

It does depend on 2.10 for some time already, doesn't it? AFAIK GTK+ 2.8
depends Glib 2.10 on Windows, even.

There will be a number of people who will have trouble finding glib 2.10. I just went to the download section of http://www.gtk.org/ and checked the download link. It does not mention a 2.10 version at all. It says "The current stable version is GTK+ 2.8". Clicking the "Source" link takes me to the v2.8 directory. I had to change that to v2.10 in order to find the newer versions of glib, gtk, and pango. Looks like they need to update the download web page.



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