Hi Carol,

Carol wrote:
> there have been no other volunteers?

Since I'm on digest (as I said before), could you keep me on the CC
line, please? I'll be more reactive that way.

I have several volunteers - Jon Phillips will be there for CC and
Inkscape, Scott Bronson will be helping with GNOME, Jonathan Blandford's
organising some people from RedHat for GNOME, Glitz, AILGX and so on.

For the GIMP, I still don't have any volunteers, but you yourself
suggested a few weeks back that I look for people who I knew were giving
a good image of the GIMP and invite them, rather than looking for
volunteers. That was good advice. Unfortunately, any number of things
have caused me to spend time not hunting down people, and I really need
some help doing that (as you did for Adrian).


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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