I am new in this list. I had subscribed because i want to use the gimp in a way I had found little documentation (maybe i had looked for it in a wrong way ).
    Gimp is a very nice development, and a great tool, I know its possible to use it like a user (thought its user interface), add it plug-ins (in scheme or python), and use it in a batch mode. But I want to extend it to allow to use its api from another program (suppose i had a console program and I need to edit a photograph, it would be nice to have access to a libgimp utility -and all its dependencies files- with the minimum install process).
    Why? I am trying to develop a mozilla component to add this feature.
    I hope the short description above its enough clear to ask you: any tips or suggestions for this task? I think its a big and complex task but I want to try.
    Thanks in advance.
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