On Thu, Jul 13, 2006 at 09:21:00PM +0200, David Neary wrote:
> Carol wrote:
> > there have been no other volunteers?
> Since I'm on digest (as I said before), could you keep me on the CC
> line, please? I'll be more reactive that way.
> I have several volunteers - Jon Phillips will be there for CC and
> Inkscape, Scott Bronson will be helping with GNOME, Jonathan Blandford's
> organising some people from RedHat for GNOME, Glitz, AILGX and so on.
> For the GIMP, I still don't have any volunteers, but you yourself
> suggested a few weeks back that I look for people who I knew were giving
> a good image of the GIMP and invite them, rather than looking for
> volunteers. That was good advice. Unfortunately, any number of things
> have caused me to spend time not hunting down people, and I really need
> some help doing that (as you did for Adrian).
i keep looking for some sign of competence in this letter.  dave is my
friend and i am certain that he is competent to conduct this GIMP
business, but i am looking for actual evidence of this in this email in

can you please leave wilber off from whatever it is you are doing.

in fact, perhaps jimmac can find the time to make a tee shirt that
states that wilber is dead.  gnome can just steal gimps money and get it
over with.

or -- i am totally wrong and this letter is just full of competence and
i am just not seeing it.

when i got mad on the irc and quit working on the web site those few
time -- this one thing became the only unprofessional thing you could do
with this project or something.  i am going to suggest that this is not
a good way to do things.

personally, i would feel more confident in dave's competency in this
position if he would feel passionate enough about it to actually read
the gimp mail lists and even quit a few times since he feels strongly
about things.

this, what i see here, this is just sad.

another possible tee shirt might be "we drank the gnome kool aid and
then we ate wilber".


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