Carol Spears wrote:
> the letter has been deleted from the reply.  maybe you could paste the
> email and be real clear about what i am missing.

> it is less than participating in a real exchange.  it screws up
> threading.

Is that my problem, or yours? I change the subject line usually - didn't
this time, since the subject was the digest.

> i believe that if you look at the letter i wrote again, you will see
> that i am asking nicely and with a little bit of humor that you work
> with a little more honesty.

I missed that. So can you clarify, please, in what sense I'm being
dishonest? Also, if you could be very precise and explain to me why you
think that I am somehow making GNOME eat Wilber, that would be helpful.

> how could this be aggressive?

So - for clarification for my little brain: you're calling me dishonest,
incompetent, you're implying that somehow I'm stealing GIMP money (if
that's not the case, please explain what you mean by
Carol said:
> in fact, perhaps jimmac can find the time to make a tee shirt that
> states that wilber is dead.  gnome can just steal gimps money and get it
> over with.

Now, in the light of all that, can you explain to me how that's not


David Neary

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