Answering the two questions asked.

Carol Spears wrote:
> i have the expectation that you and others working with things here have
> at least some familiarity with the community and a consistent presence.  
> can you tell me clearly what is wrong with this expectation?

On the one hand, nothing. On the other hand, since this mailing list has
consistently gone down in quality in recent years, and since most of
what I would like to see happen on this list appears to happen on IRC
(or so I'm told), perhaps being subscribed to this list doesn't count as
"a consistent presence". Oh - and I do have at least some familiarity
with the community.

> for instance, in your plans, are there any GIMP people involved yet?

No - Mukund volunteered to go, but will not be able to get a visa for
the US. No-one from the US on gimp-user or gimp-developer has offered to
go and man the stand. I know that both yosh and pippin will be around,
but neither will be available for the stand, apparently.

Help would be appreciated. Particularly from US based artists. Which is
why I posted my initial request on gimp-user, not gimp-developer.

But then, this particular call for help is probably useless, since I
suspect that you & I are the only two people interested in this thread
anymore. Although even that is probably not true.


David Neary

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