GNOME has been very generous with its cvs (now svn i hear) server and
bugzilla for GIMP.

GNOME has also been very generous in its willingness to handle GIMP

i need a little help remembering what else GNOME has been helpful to
GIMP with.

my backstory that leads me to asking this question is that i was told a
few times that i am responsible for the demise of the gimp lists.  i
cannot argue with this nor will it help to repair things.

one old woman could not possibly have hurt this project in a way that
such a self-reported solid community as GNOME could not fix it?

can you change my picture of the situation?  i am certain it is not the
right picture or an accurate picture.

i willingly conceed that nothing since 2003 is the way i wanted or
expected and probably i did all the wrong things and was rude to
everyone who matters blah blah blah.

it will be far more productive to concentrate on what GNOME does for
GIMP beyond those two things i mentioned than all the things i have done
wrong.  i mean three things.  cvs/svn, bugzilla and holding the money.
in my life, everything has been mostly wrong for too long now.  what
about GNOME is so right?



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