On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 12:12:51AM +0200, David Neary wrote:
> Carol Spears wrote:
> > i discovered that the only way to get access to gnome information and
> > booth stuff here is to have been owen taylors girlfriend at one time.  i
> > was never this and have not been able to get too much more information
> > beyond this.
> See, this is both absurd and ridiculous, as well as being quite rude to
> someone who is most unlikely to even see the insult.
i agree in that i did not like making this discovery.  if i could change
the rude fact about it, i would.  what is rude though?  that it works
that way or that i mentioned it?

> You get to do lots of stuff by (1) taking your destiny into your own
> hands, and (2) gaining the respect of people around the project you're
> working on over time. (3) Be careful not to lose the respect you gained
> by going nuts.
> You get to go to trade shows to talk about GIMP or GNOME by sending an
> email to the trade show organisers asking for a GIMP stand, and then going.
> You get access to money by suggesting what we can spend money on, and
> then asking for it. We have donors, we have money. You can also try
> looking for sponsors, as I did for Kristiansand and Lyon.
the example i have here shows that none of this is true.

i totally agree that i failed in many of the other things like making my
own destiny, blah blah blah.  however, maybe there is a chance that i
was unable to make my own destiny because the only way to access the
project has nothing to do with the respect maintaining you mentioned and
more to do with getting on a contact list.

we are talking about sharing booths.  i would like to know the method
you personally, as overseer and whose "trust" matters when it comes to
who should go where and such -- how do you contact people about sharing
a booth with GNOME.  if all you do is contact me, take my suggest and
point out what a failure i am (and apparently expect me to argue with
you) -- perhaps what has been broken all along is not me.

i am sure that in your dreams all the right people are gotten ahold of
but in the real world, how does it work?

> > i suggest that the GNOME people who are handling the money explain how
> > they work instead?
> GIMP people handle the GIMP's money. Myself, Sven and (from today, or
> perhaps tomorrow) mitch. We receive all mail from GIMP donations, and up
> until a few months ago, reply to it all thanking the donors (I have a
> backlog). For every GIMP expense, I ask Sven what he thinks, and usually
> details are posted here. We used to get monthly reports of the state of
> the GIMP's finances, but since the departure of Tim Ney from the
> foundation we haven't gotten those.
tims contact list for california only includes owen's ex-girlfriend.  do
you know this person?  i got a personal "trust review" from you.  can
you provide one for this person as well?

> > with an emphasis on the "working" part.  it seems to
> > work like this.  they get the money, then they put their logo on the
> > poster and tell owen taylors ex-girlfriends about it.  what points in
> > the process am i missing?
> Money arrives magically from the money fairies. It gets hoarded by the
> evil GNOMEs until it doubles in size, then the GNOMEs cream 60% off the
> top, and the poor rat-head Wilber gets less than was given. No-one knows
> what to do with the money, so it rots in the GNOME's bank account.
> Sometimes, someone decides to do something with the money, does it, and
> then gets called dishonest. Of course, he was dishonest, because it
> wasn't his money, it was the rat-head's, and the rat-head should decide.
if this is about the analogy of GNOME eating wilber that i made today,
then i think a better analogy is of yosh holding the pillow over wilbers
mouth and nose until he is certain that there is no life left.

there is a big new dead computer here to testify to that.  certain to be
installed last November.

now yosh.  is yosh going to this event because you "trust" him or
because he "shows gimp well" or what reason for this?  or is having
money to go yourself an adequate replacement for "trust" and "good

> What part am I missing?
which is ruder, a situation or the mention of a situation?


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