On Wednesday 19 July 2006 08:29, Sven Neumann wrote:

> >     Gimp is a very nice development, and a great tool, I know its
> > possible to use it like a user (thought its user interface), add it
> > plug-ins (in scheme or python), and use it in a batch mode. But I want
> > to extend it to allow to use its api from another program (suppose i
> > had a console program and I need to edit a photograph, it would be
> > nice to have access to a libgimp utility -and all its dependencies
> > files- with the minimum install process).
> I think you misunderstood what libgimp is doing. There is no image
> manipulation functionality in libgimp. libgimp is just used to allow the
> GIMP core and it's plug-ins to communicate. Without the GIMP core
> running, libgimp is useless. So you can't build an application, link to
> libgimp and use all the GIMP functionality. What you can do is to write
> a plug-in that communicates with a running GIMP process (or even to
> gimp-console, which is a gimp binary without the user interface).

Does GEGL work like Mariano thought libgimp work? In that case, it is maybe 
a better idea to start looking at GEGL, has it will be, in the future, the 
image manipulation library used in The Gimp...



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