On Thursday 20 July 2006 04:28, Mariano Cuenze wrote:
> Frédéric:
>              May be. I had looked at GEGL, but it is like a low level
> api for image manipulation, if I unterstood well, for a simple task
> (like, add a mask), you have to do a long sequence of operations. With
> GEGL you have to talk with it using a DAG, in wicth images are edges,
> and operations are nodes, its sound like a very complex task (and you
> have to know about image proccessing). If it is the way, I will use it
> and I will add a layer to make things a litle bit more easy to the
> user of this 'extension'. It is just, I think I have to know a lot
> about digital image proccessing to make a correct use of GEGL. I
> believe that if gimp will use it, and I can develop a thing that can
> 'talk' with GIMP, that will be perfect. Again, I know a little about
> those topics, if it is the recomended way to use GEGL or if I
> misunderstood about GECL function, I will use it instead GIMP.
>             Please, if you can clarify the subject to me, that will be
> nice. Thanks again.

I'm afraid I can't help you more, as I'm not a gimp/GEGL developper: I 
don't know where GEGL will stop, and where Gimp will start.

Only Sven and Pippin can answer...




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