On Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at 03:02:52AM +0200, Simon Budig wrote:
> Well, we (as in "old gimp farts") are dealing with this kind of shit for
> at least four years now. If anybody of us would be able to understand what
> Carol is asking for then there would be no issue - we would answer her
> question and the issue would be no more.

Hey, I am a "new gimp fart" - just a user, and don't know why I am
even subscribed to this devel list - but have seen the cryptic
messages from Carol and found them somewhat entertaining,
though.... cryptic. As a newcomer to a list, not knowing the history,
one wonders at the obscure references to 'someone's girlfriend',
etc. My suggestion would be that Carol either lay the cards on the
table, giving a logical point-by-point list of her complaints, stated
in language that even a newcomer like me could understand, or cease
and desist.

Just 2 cents from a one-horse town.

Scott Swanson
Pendroy, Montana
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