just tell the list (and me) how one gets on the GNOME contact list for
these booth things and all of the things that have been suggested will at
least seem like they have been accomplished.

The list doesn't care about those issues. Or rather, nobody seems to
care but you.

personally, i don't like that Sven Neumann suggests that anything that
Tim Ney did could be possibly interpreted as "filthy".  it should not
have gotten personal like that.

If one does not want a discussion to get personal, one does not
mention somebody else's girlfriends.

i saw a bunch of photographs on planet gnome from guadec.  they have
since disappeared.  it was what looked like some nice young men and the
collection kindof looked like that old PROFIT collection of images i saw
from miguel and nat from years ago.  i am going to humbly suggest that
these young men were pointing at the wrong place on their bodies, if
this version of gimp/gnome/gtk+ developement and how it works is going
to stay this way.

Not interesting, except in the "somewhat entertaining" sense exposed
above by Scott Swanson. Otherwise, it seems a pointless rambling.

Speaking as a lurker, I think Sven Neumann's suggestion (to
unsubscribe from the list) is on the right track.

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