On Thu, 2006-07-20 at 10:17 -0700, Carol Spears wrote: 
> > Except that this solution doesn't really fix the problem, which is that
> > she's scaring people away from GIMP.  The real solution is for her to
> > follow Sven's suggestions and remove herself from the GIMP mailing
> > lists, stop using her gimp.org email alias, and stop using GIMP's irc.
> > 
> just tell the list (and me) how one gets on the GNOME contact list for 
> these booth things and all of the things that have been suggested will at
> least seem like they have been accomplished.

Since nobody has provided that information yet, consider these two
  1) Nobody here has that information and is either not concerned enough
about it to get it or assumes that you're just as capable of getting it
as anyone else is.  I mean, this is the GIMP mailing list you're asking
on, not a GNOME mailing list.  Why do you expect everyone here to know
more than you about contacting GNOME people regarding booths?
  2) People have the information you desire, but don't want to give it
to -you- in particular because having you call or email anyone on behalf
of the GIMP community would be undesirable and might give the booth
contact people a bad impression of the community and jeopardize the
possibilities of getting booths in the future.  Your past record of
human relations makes this a very real possibility because you have
horrible communication skills.  Maybe you mean well, but you have to
understand that it doesn't come across that way to the rest of us; this
is not the first time people have pointed this out either, and you
obviously have made no efforts to act more civil to people.

You'll probably respond to this email and give a 3) with some sort of
stupid conspiracy theories in it, because you won't really consider
those two possibilities.  But once again, if you really are meaning well
to GIMP then I would like to urge you to disassociate yourself from GIMP
and its community.  When you see everyone asking you to unsubscribe from
the lists, that's not an invitation to keep pressing the same issue..
that really is an invitation to leave the community, because many people
believe that you're doing it more harm than good.

> thanks everyone for your time and opinions

Sadly, this appears to be your way of saying "fuck all of you, I'll stay
here and ruin the GIMP community all I want".

/ bratsche

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