Hi there,

this is a gentle reminder that the deadline for SoC code is August 21st,
four weeks from now. A more precise countdown is available at

It would be nice if everyone who is involved in SoC could provide a
short status report - the overall progress, maybe some results (screen
shots are usually very useful :). Or problems, if any.

Let's start with the project I'm mentoring, the

GIMP resources repository

Progress: good until a short time before the midterm evaluation - a
database layout and some initial code, a registry export script, ...

Current status: unknown, I don't get any response to my mails and Lauris
doesn't show up on IRC.

If I don't hear anything soon, I'll have to declare this project dead -
which would be very unfortunate, given the effort that has been spent on
it already.

That's the bad news so far. I hope someone else has better news about
his project.


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