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Proposal for implementing vector layers in the GIMP

Henk Boom is working on implementing vector layers for the GIMP and
has made nice progress. He basically has vector layers that work, a
rudimentary dialog for the stroke/fill properties, which could use some
HIG/GUI review, which is probably the place where input from you would
be helpful.

The vector layers do not yet get stored in XCF, there is a crash lurking
somewhere, we lack some updates (which I just figured out with mitch to
be a missing gimp_image_flush ()) and additional stroke types would be
nice, although they are probably the least important now.

.. and transforms  don't work right; I just checked  using the skew tool. I figure you ought to be able to transform the vector layer independently rather than transforming it's base path.
otherwise, looks nice (I am in a hurry here.)

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