Michael Schumacher wrote:
> The preferred way to submit patches is to attach them to the
> corresponding bug in Bugzilla. It is easier to keep track of them there,
> e.g. by indicating that they need work, obsoleting old ones by newly
> added ones etc.
> See http://developer.gimp.org/ for more hints about GIMP development.

I know you're trying to be helpful here, but when someone submits a
patch (by any medium), I think our first response should be "thank you".

Since this is Karl's first patch, it would be nice to put the patch in
Bugzilla for him, and say "Thanks Karl! I've attached your patch to the
bugzilla report for review." I'm guessing Karl is a smart guy, and would
deduce "Ah - patches should probably be submitted in Bugzilla for
review". I've noticed that Sven does things like that regularly, by the way.

If your first response is "you're doing it wrong - here's how to send a
patch", the chances of a next time are reduced. Now, I know I'm slightly
exaggerating the tone, but small stuff like this makes a difference in
making a place more welcoming and friendly, and we should all try to
make the developers mailing list more welcoming and friendly.


David Neary

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