On Thursday 27 July 2006 10:11, Dave Neary wrote:
> I know you're trying to be helpful here, but when someone submits a
> patch (by any medium), I think our first response should be "thank you".

Don't worry, I made some mistakes on my first foray into the mailing list as 
everyone can read here... 

> Since this is Karl's first patch, it would be nice to put the patch in
> Bugzilla for him, and say "Thanks Karl! I've attached your patch to the
> bugzilla report for review." 

I was just in progress of doing that myself as I had read the HACKING file on 
http://developer.gimp.org already and there it tells you to submit the patch 
in two ways, first to the mailing list and second to a - if necessary new - 
bugzilla entry and I was following these instructions to the letter...
Karl Günter
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