On 7/27/06, William Skaggs wrote:

I would have to understand the need better before I could write code
for it.  Is there a specific set of predefined aspect ratios that
would suffice?  If so, what are they?  Or is it essential for the
user to be able to add new ratios to the list?

Karl was faster than me to answer the question :)

What I'd like to add is that there are probably too many choices to
fit one combobox. Thus I would go for

1. Preferences dialog to define a set of most often used ratios and
create new custom ones - somewhat similar to existing units dialog.

2. A set of a combobox to pick a preset from and two spinboxes to
define custom ratio, if "Custom" combobox item was chosen.

I can easily add it to bugtracker as a full proposal with mockups.
Just tell me to do so.

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