Karl Günter Wünsch wrote:

I have a problem. Because of the aspect pegging in the rectangle selection tool the cursor position and the corner of the area can move asynchronously because of rounding effects in conjunction with the set aspect ratio.

When you say asynchronously, are we talking about the corner of the selection parting company with the mouse by a couple of pixels, or can the selection get "left behind"?

I haven't looked at the code - but can you keep the coordinates as floats, and round down only when you draw the selection box - and avoid the cumulative rounding error that way?

That's why I would like to update the cursor position after all of the calculations are through to reflect the results.

That's not a good idea - Adobe PageMaker does that for guide-snapping, and it feels *awful* - especially when you get interactions between guides, causinig the cursor's position to *oscillate* rapidly between two or more positions!

I think what you're suggesting would subtly change the "feel" of the mouse while creating a selection - hopefully, there's a better solution to the problem. :)

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Alastair M. Robinson
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