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> > During OSCon, Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick of Subversion
> > fame gave a talk which was apparently very interesting on how free
> > software projects can survive poisonous people.
> >
> > There's lots of good advice in there, including:
> >  * Document your community, decisions and processes
> >  * Have healthy collaboration practices
> >  * Avoid names in source code - use revision history for documenting who
> > did what, to avoid ownership of code/modules
> >
> > Anyway, it seems pertinent for the GIMP developers community, and
> > perhaps a starting point for putting in place some better practices.
> I want to add a note about a friendly attitude.
> I was an early adopter of Subversion for office work and had to deal
> with its developers in its unstable days. I remember how gentle and
> friendly they were, especially Ben Collins-Sussman. I am talking from a
> user's perspective, but developers were also welcomed very well.
> I think GIMP is average on that scale. Sometimes everyone is very
> friendly, sometimes not so friendly. But then the Subversion developers
> were paid by to be full-time employees working on it and
> hence this wasn't cutting into their free time, to cause any
> frustrations, etc. Lots of factors are behind why people appear to be
> dorks. Maybe a nagging wife or husband.. maybe an unsatisfactory life..
> maybe very little time... maybe some medical condition which shows up as
maybe sex abuse in the childhood.. maybe a so instable mind that you can't 
help flaming even if you try to be the kind person you would like to be..
seems like people feel you are not normal even if you try to hide your 
disorders, and they flee any relationship with you.. then you feel like an 
outcast and want to burn everything..

> frustration. Sometimes we're unfriendly because the person we're dealing
> with is rude. I've noticed though that any developer who's trying to
> write something for GIMP is appreciated and helped.
> We can definitely be more friendlier. We certainly must try and not be
> rude to anyone. Also respect for co-developers and contributors means a
> LOT. If there's no respect, forget about succeeding.
and what's succeeding? reach the goal, or what you live on the way?
> Mukund

maybe we could dream that the free software community could be a shelter where 
tolerance and patience could wellcome asocial peoples who are treated as 
outcast in the real-life society?

or maybe not... humans are the same everywhere, and GNU is not a church 
dealing with social cares, just let's reject poisonous peoples to make these 
vital projects go on!
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