On Tue, 2006-08-01 at 15:17 +0200, Florent Monnier wrote:
> > We can definitely be more friendlier. We certainly must try and not be
> > rude to anyone. Also respect for co-developers and contributors means a
> > LOT. If there's no respect, forget about succeeding.
> and what's succeeding? reach the goal, or what you live on the way?

We need to respect our co-developers to work together. This is what I
meant to convey. Any relationship needs respect and trust. If developer
A doesn't respect developer B, they can't work together.

I said this in the context of lack of respect which I had noticed (and
made clear to the respective contributor of the GIMP project;
unfortunately it doesn't seem to have helped).

> maybe we could dream that the free software community could be a shelter 
> where 
> tolerance and patience could wellcome asocial peoples who are treated as 
> outcast in the real-life society?
> or maybe not... humans are the same everywhere, and GNU is not a church 
> dealing with social cares, just let's reject poisonous peoples to make these 
> vital projects go on!

This may be the most logical thing to do, and it perhaps is the most
feasible action currently. But it becomes a problem when the person is
someone you have known for sometime and who has contributed to the
project. Then you try to see whether you can help, try to find out what
exactly is causing the poison behaviour, instead of taking a knife to
them. Unfortunately even this doesn't seem to have worked well.


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