On 8/4/06, Chris Moller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
A couple weeks ago I submitted a gimp enhancement bug
that included a patch that lets the user select how to compare pixels (the current RGB comparison, comparison just on the red, green or blue components, or comparison on the hue, saturation, or value components) when doing a color-based select.  Based on some input last week from Michael Natterer, I cleaned up the patch a bit.

I'd like to get this thing included in some future release--if anyone wants to give it a try, the patch is included as an attachment to bug 348291.

I like this idea (and certainly, I've had need for it.).
I get the impression that PDB  function signatures are not intended to be changed so often, because of the compatibility issues it could cause.

However, it's exactly the PDB interface to this that I'm most interested in.
Maybe you should make a variant named by-color-select-full, it could include also the control of whether to select transparent areas, which I've found very important (and the lack of it is somewhat difficult to work around).
If you do, then also make a corresponding fuzzy-select-full.

*trying it now*
Okay, hunk #2 of the patch to selection_tools.pdb failed, so I applied it manually.
Not sure why it failed.

..gimp_channel_select_fuzzy and gimp_drawable_bucket_fill_full should also have the select_criteria parameter added; gimp_contiguous_region_by_seed seems to support it.

Addressing the above would satisfy me as to this patches' quality. For more completeness, you could also add a set of radiobuttons arranged horizontally under the main SelectionEditor display ('r','g','b','h','s','v','*') to change between the different selection criteria usable when operating it.

My comments on the UI will follow, after I recompile.

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