Hi all,

>From this evening (in about an hour) I will be on vacation, and away
from a computer (yes, 100%) until August 28th. I've disabled mail from
the lists, but if anyone urgently needs approval for a GIMP expense,
Sven and mitch can both approve expenditure from the GIMP fund at GNOME.

As I said on IRC last night, in case anyone is wondering, the GIMP
currently has roughly $21,000 in the GNOME fund. It was donated for the
development of the GIMP, and should be used for expenditures which
further the goals of the GIMP project. I was pressed for an answer on
what I thought that kind of expenditure might be, and here's a subset of
the answers I gave:

1. Paying for the GIMP user manual to get into a publishable state, and
get it published
2. Paying for travel/participation in certain conferences which have the
potential to bring attention, money or people to the project
3. Paying to improve our infrastructure (reminder: there's a $500 cheque
waiting for yosh, and I'm waiting for a quote for off-site back-up)
4. Paying for GIMP conferences and get-togethers (although I really
think we should fundraise for conferences, as I did this year and in

Things I don't think we should spend money on:
1. Hardware for individual developers (computers, scanners, cameras,
tablets, etc). We should try to fundraise for this when people can fill
a specific need (working on GIMP support for a tablet, for example), but
in general buying people toys isn't useful
2. A server - in spite of what I said in point 3 above, I think we
should be using our great contacts with GNOME, RedHat, HP, Canonical and
others to get hosting, get use of servers and services outside of XCF,
and make our sysadmin process more transparent, rather than spending
money on hardware which could be donated
3. Sending people to any old conference - in general, if you're giving a
talk on the GIMP in a conference, we should ask the conference organiser
first, the GIMP second for sponsorship. And I don't think it's
appropriate to pay for travel from London to Boston for someone to man a
stand, even though I was prepared to do this last month. We should
instead work on building up a good group of people worldwide who can
give GIMP presentations and man GIMP stands, and make sure they're

So that's my summary of GIMP money - there may be some opposition to
some of these things, so let's have at 'em.


David Neary

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