On Tuesday 08 August 2006 10:00, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Fixing this is as simple as adding the GIMP_CONFIG_PARAM_SERIALIZE flag
> to the registration of the interface properties. This is a simple change
> and it is already outlined in the bug report. Please stick to the facts,
> or if you don't know about the implementation details, don't make
> assumptions about them.
And now you are making assumptions. The flag only alters the behaviour by 
resulting in a crash when trying to read or write the properties... This 
probably is the result of not using the macros every other tool uses to 
register it's properties.
> > If that were not bad enough, the usability is partially much worse than 
> > before.
> The new tools are not ready yet. We know that there are problems and it
> is nice that you took the time to point them out. But rest assured that
> we don't plan to release GIMP 2.4 with the selection tools in their
> current state.
And if you had read the followups on this (partially in the cited bug reports) 
you would have noticed that I started to work with the developers to fix the 
problems - part of the patches originate from me. 
My whole rant here was the result of the lack of feedback to those bug 
reports, which since has been cleared as a bad timing because of the holiday 
Karl Günter
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