I'm mentoring the gimp-ruby project. This project allows the writing of scripts written in the Ruby programming language.

The project has progressed quickly. The project became available via the CVS repository on June 20. As of the mid-term evaluations scripts could be written using Ruby but there was no GUI component. Not long after the mid-terms the GUI component was added.

All the major functionality is in place. Two sample Ruby scripts are included and some additional sample scripts are in the works. Also, some documentation is being written. Since Scott's e-mail message with the status of the project an interactive console mode was added along with gettext and UTF-8 support.

The project is being developed on a machine running OS X and tested in Linux (Fedora Core). It would be interesting to hear from anyone who tries it in a different environment.

If you have ever wanted to write scripts for GIMP using Ruby check out the gimp-ruby module from CVS and build/install it.

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