First thanks for the new tool - it is growing on me. I love the highlight and the 3rds guides. I resisted using it until 2.3.10 but have used it for about 100 images now. The rect. select is the one tool I use on every image.

Not sure if you want a bug report (another bug report?) on the aspect ratio - but this still needs some clarified requirements or usage studies - what is the recommended way of cropping to "standard" aspect ratios? How do I easily go from 2:3 to 3:2? Many of these issues have already been discussed/debated - we just need to pull them together.

The interaction of the fixed width, height, and aspect ratio don't work as I expect. Should I open bug reports or can you clarify if/how they should interact. i.e. if I enter a height and width, should the aspect ratio automatically recalculate - does it matter if any of the three are checked or not?

Rectangle controls are always in pixels (except for XY coords.) even if the default unit of measure is inches - is this intended. Not a problem for me, but might be an issue for some.
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