On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 17:02 -0400, Brohan wrote:

> I'm well aware of gimp_zoom_preview_get_factor(), but there isn't a
> matching fuction such as gimp_zoom_preview_set_factor().

I have changed the API a little now, introducing a way to get access to
the GimpZoomModel that is being used by the preview widget. There is
also a new constructor gimp_zoom_preview_new_with_model() that takes a
GimpZoomModel parameter. That way you can have two previews sharing the
same zoom model, thus always using the scale factor.

> I might look into using the 2.4 API, or extending GimpZoomPreview to
> add gimp_zoom_preview_set_factor() or something. Though using a
> nonstable and nonstandard version may hamper usability of my plugin.
> It is intended to be a lab tool for my uni, however it wouldn't be
> nice to ask the sysadmin to make a package out of 2.4 and distrubute
> it, it took some begging to get the gimp developer toolset on the
> install.

I am not suggesting that you do that. Until 2.4 is actually released,
the new APIs are still subject to changes and there are also still bugs
lurking in the code.


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