On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 14:36 +0100, Toby Speight wrote:
> I'm playing around with my plug-in build system at the moment, tidying
> up the automake/autoconf stuff as I go (and as I learn about autotools -
> I'm a newbie there).  One thing I do is find the Gimp plug-in directory
> like so:
> /--------
> | GIMP_LIBDIR=`$PKG_CONFIG --define-variable=prefix='DESTDIR' \
> |    --variable=gimplibdir gimp-2.0`
> \--------
> On discovering Gimp's own autoconf macro file, I discover that it does
> almost what I need:
> /--------
> |     GIMP_DATA_DIR=`$PKG_CONFIG $pkg_name --variable=gimpdatadir`
> |     GIMP_PLUGIN_DIR=`$PKG_CONFIG $pkg_name --variable=gimplibdir`
> \--------
> The difference being that I have passed in the DESTDIR directory
> supplied by Automake and used to target the installation.  Without
> this, "make distcheck" fails because it tries to write to the real
> plug-ins directory rather than the supplied staging directory.

Yes, that has always been a problem for plug-ins. The plug-in needs to
be installed to the GIMP plug-in directory which may be somewhere
completely different than what's configured as the plug-in's prefix. I
haven't seen a workaround for this yet. If your change works well, we
should probably adopt it.


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