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On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 17:02 -0400, Brohan wrote:

> I'm well aware of gimp_zoom_preview_get_factor(), but there isn't a
> matching fuction such as gimp_zoom_preview_set_factor().

I have changed the API a little now, introducing a way to get access to
the GimpZoomModel that is being used by the preview widget. There is
also a new constructor gimp_zoom_preview_new_with_model() that takes a
GimpZoomModel parameter. That way you can have two previews sharing the
same zoom model, thus always using the scale factor.

Great work, thanks for doing this :)

I'm still having the same issue as before with the same error as before.

"(gimp:26837): Gimp-Plug-In-WARNING **: expected tile ack and received: 5"

I've ran gdb and set every possible breakpoint and it always says that
the program 'exits' normally. I'm beginning to dive into the source
and its rather difficult to pull stuff out.

The issue happens when
a) I zoom in/out and move around,
b) I zoom in/out twice.

I am sure the issue does not happen within the main loop of my actual
code, but possibly within the preview.
I've set static local variables in a struct as the drawable ID's of
what I am working in.

So, foo = gimp_drawable_preview(gimp_drawable_get(drawable_index.drawable_1),

I think there may be some issue with sizing in there, causing
something to go terribly wrong. In either case, I don't think any of
my code is executing. Is there any route I should specifically go down
to get some sort of scaling functionality. I've been contemplating
just doing something manually with operations on the pixel region.

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