OpenUsability ( is an initiative that brings Open
Source Software development and usability together. We have been working
with them in the past and I am happy to be able to announce today that
OpenUsability is going to sponsor students projects, somewhat similar to
the Google Summer of Code, and that GIMP has been chosen as the first
project. This is somewhat like a beta test, more such student projects
are supposed to follow later this year.

In case someone wonders about the financial aspect of this. The student
gets paid $700 USD if he/she accomplishes the project goals. This money
will be paid from sponsors and I have agreed that in case that
sponsorship will not be sufficient, we will contribute from the money
that has been donated for the GIMP project. I hope that everyone agrees
that this puts the money to good use.

I will be sending the official announcement in a separate mail and I
would like to also announce this on the website. Perhaps someone can
take the time and turn the announcement text into a webpage on
that we can link from the frontpage?


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