On 8/12/06, David Gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Actually... For your tool to work similarly to the clone tool and perspective tool, I just realized it MUST be able to disable interpolation. Otherwise it doesn't work on INDEXED images (have you tried it on an indexed image yet?)

I just tried it on an indexed image.. It generally looks fairly messy (where interpolation occurs, off-colors (somewhat mismatched -- like the right brightness but wrong hue, etc..) usually appear)
Though, after messing around for a while, I admit I have little idea how to effectively employ the perspective clone tool.

I noticed that the alpha channel is not handled yet (meaning that cloning 'empty' pixels results in arbitrary colors appearing)

Btw, I have added the same options for paint that are used in clone

That looks good; consider taking out the 'pattern' vs 'image' choice if you can, unless you plan on supporting perspective cloning of patterns.
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