Given my somewhat poor understanding of GIMP (I'm on my way..) I may
be able to field your question.

It is the nature of the Add Border filter to create a new layer. This
layer gets focus as its the current active drawable. Plug-ins aren't
intelligent enough to determine which layer you really want, they
select the currently active drawable and work based on that. If your
drawable is the newly created one it is selected.

But in reference to your actual question, either the plugin should
operate differently (I'm not at all fluent in Script-Fu) or there
should be a matching API call to gimp_image_get_active_drawable(),
which isn't really within my realm at the moment. If anyone would care
to fix the issue with this particular plugin, its at line 104 of
addborder.scm, I'd imagine its a simple replacement somewhere there.
Just another quick look at the script-fu decor functions, they all
behave not 'normally', that is that they sometimes leave the image
intact, or sometimes leave the layer intact.


On 8/13/06, Karl Günter Wünsch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am asking this because I have a small niggle with the border filter. I don't
know if it's by design or accident, that's why I'm asking here first before
filing a feature-request/bug report...
The following happens and at first I was puzzled what was going on:
- I loaded an image
- added a border
- then I wanted to apply unsharp mask filter (I forgot it in the steps
In the preview of the unsharp mask filter I now had only the background that
one usually gets when an area where nothing is drawn is visible. I shortly
later found out that the "add border"-filter does open a new layer which is
still (at least partially) selected and is taken in as the base of the
preview for the unsharp mask filter, although the latter does seem to be
applied to the background layer where my image resides in.
So either the layer handling does seem to be off a bit with regards to the
preview area of the unsharp mask filter, or the filter shouldn't end with the
border layer being selected or my understanding of the whole concept of a
layer in this regard needs an update.
Karl Günter Wünsch
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