(I sent this earlier to the GtkGlExt list, but perhaps this list is more
appropriate... apologies if I'm breaking any kind of etiquette by doing so.)

I'm somewhat new to GIMP/GTK/etc (and the linux environment in general), so
I'm probably overlooking something simple but...

To summarize my problem, when I link the gtkglext libraries (as retrieved
from `pkg-config --libs gtkgkext-1.0`) to my GIMP plugin, it won't even run
in GIMP anymore (crashes right away). In fact, if I restart GIMP it doesn't
even recognize it as a plug-in (which I suppose is why it crashes when I try
to run it!). I tried commenting out all the function calls involving
GtkGlExt, but simply linking to those libraries makes it stop working.

I've freshly downloaded, compiled, and installed GtkGlExt, and have had no
problem running the example programs. Also, my previous version of my plugin
was working fine before I started tinkering with GtkGlExt, so each of those
parts seem to be working as they ought to. Any suggestions as to what I
might try?

Thank you for your time. 
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