On 8/14/06, Henk Boom wrote:

You can find the source code on the soc-2006-vector-layers branch of
the GIMP CVS. To create a vector layer, right click on a path in the
paths dialog and select "Path to vector layer". This acts like a
regular layer except that it auto-updates to reflect changes in the
path it was made from and its stroke and fill settings. To change
colours and such, right click on the layer in the layers dialog and
select "Fill / Stroke".

Vector layers are always edited by changing the path they are based
on, so if you go do other stuff you need to manually double-click the
path. I am thinking of automating this when you double-click the
vector layer, but I might reserve that for opening the stroke / fill
options instead.

Henk, I have a couple of basic questions that are probably
extraordinarily silly.

1. Is it possible (or will be possible) to have multiple paths in a
vector layer?
2. Will paths and vector layers be different entities in the future?
3. If so, when it comes to clipping paths, will it be implemented via
paths or vector layers? Is there a particular plan for it in XCF2,
since it most likely won't happen for XCF?

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