I'm adding a hack to gimp text that lets the user set the alignment of a new created bit of text to something other than the upper left corner of the text extents.  E.g., the user will be able to set horizontal alignment to "center" and text entered thereafter will be horizontally centered on the point where text entry was started.

Currently, gimptextoption.c uses gimp_prop_enum_stock_box_new() to set up a row of little icons to let the user select left, center, right, or fill text justification.  Just for consistency, I'd like to have the alignment options presented the same way, as a row of little icons.

But I can't figure out where gimp is storing the blasted icons!

Where does gimp_prop_enum_stock_box_new() get the images?  Anyone Out There have a clue?  At the moment, I'm using gimp_prop_enum_combo_box_new(), but that's not visually consistent with the stock_box stuff.

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