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>But I can't figure out where gimp is storing the blasted icons!
>Where does gimp_prop_enum_stock_box_new() get the images?  Anyone Out
>There have a clue?

They are carefully hidden :-).

The icons supplied with GIMP are defined by png files located in
the themes/Default/images directory.  To add new stock icons to
GIMP, in addition to putting the png file for them there (or, if
you want to follow the model of other things, two png files, one
for the Default theme and one for the Small theme), you will need
to edit the following files:


If you haven't figured it out yet, the usual way of adding a new
enum to GIMP is to edit the file app/core/core-enums.h.  Be sure
to read the explanation at the top of that file, and if you don't
understand it, ask questions.

(Note that in telling you how to go about this, I am not necessarily
endorsing it as a good idea.)

  -- Bill

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