Hi all
I would very much like to see the old "wire-frame" icon theme available in the next release. I do not find the new theme to be an improvement and should like to have the option of restoring the original.

This is a point i agree with. IMO it is not that new icons are not good, but that they have too much colour. I'd rather have a Black and White one. Why, just because when i'm working on my picture colour, i don't won't to have any noise around. And regarding this, old theme was better. And is there any reason to delete what has been made? I'll work soon on a purest theme, may be based on the new, if anyone is interested...

About theme, it would be interested if the fonts could also be set. In fact, i always use the "Small" theme to save space, but text labels in the windows just don't fit the new size of the toolbox. Could this be set by the user somewhere in the preferences ?

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