Hi all!

I'm afraid to say that http://layers.gimp.org/ is incredibly ugly, and makes 
us look very bad. As people who develop an image editing software we should 
have at least a bit of rudimentary aesthetic sense.

Carol told me she tried to make it look like the Layers dialog. Well, that's 
not what I'd like to see there, and even so with some CSS and images it can 
look much better. In any case, a web page can be even more visually appealing 
without trying to emulate a GUI dialog.

Other problems in the site:

1. There is no RSS feed as <link> in the <head>.

2. The tabs at the top ("Layers", "Paths", etc.) are cryptic and also their 
links don't contain the 'title=' attributes.

3. The title of the page just reads "GIMP Layers" without any explanation that 
we refer to an aggregated feed of the GIMP developers blogs.

4. There are no links at the side to the individual blog homepages and their 

Please fix all that.


        Shlomi Fish

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