Henning Makholm ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Scripsit "Øyvind Kolås" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > I cannot use the smudge or blur|sharpen tool, gaussian blur doesn't
> > work neither does unsharp mask, layer masks seems to work but get
> > their alpha thresholded.
> Neither of which are something one usually needs in a situation where
> one wants to stick to a colormap while editing.
> > To do any real work on an indexed image I already have to go by RGB.
> Your idea of "real work" is obviously very different from mine.
> I do lots of real work on indexed images.
> > Duplicating this behavior in GEGL would not be appropriate in my
> > opinion,
> I don't really care whether it is duplicated in GEGL or outside it, as
> long as the net effect of "don't let my editing result in pixel colors
> outside this small predeterined palette" is still attainable with the
> sum of GEGL + futureGimp.

I wonder if a "quantize to palette" Gegl Op would solve these problems.
In most of the cases when people are asking for an indexed palette, the
palette is already determined somehow, either by importing from the
image or by editing for a specific hardware or certain texture

In that case you really could have a "quantize" op, that maps all colors
in the images to the appropriate colors in the palette. You'd have all
the power of semitransparent layers, all tools would work as "expected"
for a given definition of "expected"  :), blurring would work etc.

I am pretty positive that these problems could be sorted out when we
know what people working with palette-based images want to have. I am
just guessing on the needs here...

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